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School Pest Control

Attending school and receiving a quality education is supposed to be a right for students. The presence of pests and rodents in schools can seriously affect the health of both students and teachers, which makes professional pest control essential to providing a safe learning environment.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices in schools focus upon the following:

1) Inspection

2) Identification

3) Treatment by pest professionals.

IPM is a natural approach to pest control and treatments are based on each individual school’s unique needs. Patriot Pest Control’s pest professionals never use a “one size fits all” approach in IPM, but instead implement the best treatment for your specific pest problem. Whether it is sealing cracks, removing a food or water source or, when necessary, employing pesticide treatments, our IPM program is about individual and comprehensive treatment of pest problems.

A few of our school services include:

Pest Control — Once the area has been evaluated, our representatives will schedule a service time. We are discreet and have very little impact on your operations. During the service, we will use the plan that has been created to treat for any covered pests that were discovered in the evaluation.

Bird Control — Pest birds not only cause property damage to roofs and ventilation systems, they can also spread disease. We at Dodson have the necessary knowledge and experience to help you resolve your bird problem in a humane manner.

Rodent Management — Rodents and their parasites carry numerous diseases. Every year they contaminate and destroy millions of dollars worth of property, food, and other goods. We will prevent rodents from entering the building and to reduce the likelihood of exposure to your employees.



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