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Residential Pest Control

For any home owner, controlling pests and insects can be a major source of headaches. If insects are able to get into your property, they can cause damage in a matter of weeks or even days. Not to mention the fact that insects can be very bothersome to family members and guests in your home.

In the next few paragraphs, you will learn a few simple methods that you can begin utilizing immediately to cut down on the probability that insects will make a home out of your property. Remember that the most important aspect of residential pest control is asking questions and understanding what you are really up against. So, you are taking a good first step by reading through some of these techniques that you can apply yourself.

Remove All Possible Sources Of Food, Water And Shelter
In order for insects to make a home out of your property, they need to have a source of the basic necessities of life. Just like humans, insects need water, shelter and food. If you leave organic material (like food in the trash can or half empty soda cans) around your home, the chances that you will face a pest problem will increase exponentially. Keep your home and property free of litter and loose food items by keeping floors and counters clear.

Always Store Your Food Properly
Anytime that you store food in your home, you need to take great care in making sure that pests cannot reach it. So, always make sure that your food is sealed in plastic or glass containers. If you ever throw away food scraps, be sure that your trash can is tightly covered or that you place the food scraps into a container before you throw them away. On this same note, always be sure to remove your garbage at regular intervals. The longer your garbage sits around your home, the more likely that you will have a pest problem.

Remove All Standing Water
Standing water is very attractive to many different types of insects that might invade your home. So, always make sure to fix any leaky plumbing so water does not accumulate anywhere on your property. One spot in many homes where this happens is in the trays underneath houseplants. Always be sure to soak up the water from underneath your plants after it drains through the bottom of the pot.

Two other sources of standing water that are often overlooked are the trays underneath the refrigerator as well as the water dish left out for pets. Be sure to remove any leftover water from your pets tray at the end of every night. Leaving it out overnight gives insects an easily accessible source of water.

Do Not Provide Insects With A Place To Hide
Pests and insects love dark places where they can hide. Clutter in the form of trash or clothing on the ground gives them a great place to breed and live. The more clutter that you have around your home, the more difficult it will be to get rid of insects. Stacks of magazines or newspapers are common areas where insects will multiply and you will not be able to see.

At the same time, there are places that insects hide which may be a little bit more difficult to get rid of. For instance, cracks or crevices around the base-boards of your home or cabinets in your kitchen will give insects another great hiding spot. Use some inexpensive caulk to cover these cracks. You might also find that you can use steel wool or wire mesh to fill spaces around pipes or holes in your walls.

As long as you pay attention to some of these techniques, you will be much less likely to face an insect infestation in your home or business. Remember that insect problems can happen all year-round. Insects love to get into your warm home during the winter, but they also multiply in great numbers during the warmer months of the year. So, residential pest control is an issue that you must deal with the whole year through.

A few of our residential services include:

Pest Control — Once the area has been evaluated, our representatives will schedule a service time. We are discreet and have very little impact on your operations. During the service, we will use the plan that has been created to treat for any covered pests that were discovered in the evaluation.

Bed Bug Management — In recent years, pest control companies have seen a drastic increase in the number of bed bugs being serviced partly because they hitch rides in luggage, backpacks, purses, and other mobile objects. Bed bugs are extremely hard to find and eliminate, and Do-It-Yourself methods are ineffective. Our team can help identify bed bug infestations and set up a proactive plan to safeguard your building.

Bird Control — Pest birds not only cause property damage to roofs and ventilation systems, they can also spread disease. We at Dodson have the necessary knowledge and experience to help you resolve your bird problem in a humane manner.

Pantry Pests— moths, beetles and weevils are known to attack your food storage. With buying in bulk becoming more prevalent, it is more common to see this occur in homes.

Rodent Management — Rodents and their parasites carry numerous diseases. Every year they contaminate and destroy millions of dollars worth of property, food, and other goods. We will prevent rodents from entering the building and to reduce the likelihood of exposure to your employees.

Residential Pest Control

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