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Industrial Pest Control

Insects, rodents, birds or other creatures have proven to be a detriment to industrial businesses. We have seen this in the news many times in recent years with rats in schools, bed bugs in libraries, rats on grocery store shelving, rodent and bird droppings in product packaging, and the list goes on.

Food and beverage processing plants, distribution centers, schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and even office buildings along with many other commercial businesses must ensure that they institute an effective pest control maintenance program utilizing Integrated Pest Management techniques.

Pest control maintenance programs are important for your business; both commercial and industrial locations are often subject to pest problems. Industries such as retail, health care, food service & manufacturing, hospitality, property management, government and schools must ensure that they institute an effective pest control maintenance program to maintain a healthful environment for workers and customers.

A key reason for industrial businesses to invest in a pest control maintenance program is based on requirements for their facilities to be clean and sanitary but further, to maintain their reputation and protect their brand.

Industrial businesses often see pest problems such as cockroaches and rodents.

Cockroaches are often the most prevalent pest. They can be found in restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, delis, food courts and non-food establishments. The technology for treating roaches has significantly improved in the last few years.

Mice and rats may carry diseases. Both types of rodents are nocturnal, so you may hear activity at night. Mice and rats are found in all types of buildings. In a industrial or commercial site, you may find droppings in areas such as boiler rooms, behind desks, in cafeterias, in false ceilings, behind storage racks in warehouses, etc. Methods of treatment for eradicating rodents include trapping, baiting, pest maintenance programs, point of entry inspections, exclusion and cleanups.

Industrial pest removal and pest management services ensure that you create a safe, sanitary, and secure environment for your employees and customers. Many pest control companies offer packages that include comprehensive services so that you can keep your business clean and pest free. Employing a regular monthly or weekly maintenance schedule makes it easier to maintain your facilities in a condition that is appealing to workers and clients. Furthermore, with the focus on health and safety in the workplace these days, you may need to implement a pest control program to pass inspections by local governments.

No locations are completely safe from pests. The cleanest office, the most pristine restaurant kitchens, industrial and community facilities can all make the perfect environment for pests. Industrial pests are not only irritating but they can be a costly nuisance as well.

A few of our industrial services include:

Pest Control — Once the area has been evaluated, our representatives will schedule a service time. We are discreet and have very little impact on your operations. During the service, we will use the plan that has been created to treat for any covered pests that were discovered in the evaluation.

Bird Control — Pest birds not only cause property damage to roofs and ventilation systems, they can also spread disease. We at Dodson have the necessary knowledge and experience to help you resolve your bird problem in a humane manner.

Rodent Management — Rodents and their parasites carry numerous diseases. Every year they contaminate and destroy millions of dollars worth of property, food, and other goods. We will prevent rodents from entering the building and to reduce the likelihood of exposure to your employees.


Industrial Pest Control

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