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"If It Can Creep, Crawl, Fly, Walk or Chew, We Can Take Care of It For You!"

Patriot Pest Management is locally owned and operated and we are proud that we operate under a Green Philosophy. This means we use bio-degradable materials and other low-toxic solutions when available. Our materials have no odor and no vapor – no more worrying about what you’re breathing in! We would never use a material in your home that we would not use in our own home.

Our Goals
Provide excellence in Pest Management services to our customers.
Create innovative ways to solve and eliminate pest pressures.
Provide solutions at an affordable price quality and public health while using low-toxic materials for the peace of mind of our customers.

A comprehensive inspection is conducted at every residence or facility. Extra attention is given to the five pest-activity zones: entry points, water sources, food sources, harborage points, and customer or employee areas.

Facility Layout Analysis
Current and potential problem problem areas are noted.

Pest Identification
Different types of pests require different types of treatments depending on their growth patterns and characteristics.  To visit our Pest Library, Click Here.

A Customer Program
There are too many variables to provide “cookie cutter” solutions for individual facilities or residences, so we design a program to fit your specific needs…and tolerance for pests.

Sanitation Consultation
The focus of every Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is a periodic sanitation report, which directly impacts factors that contribute to pest buildup, inside and out.

Treatment Strategies
Non-chemical control options are always used before chemical control options are considered.

Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance
This step is absolutely essential to the success of IPM. This includes accurate reporting of pest sightings and proper documentation for clients and regulatory agencies.

Providing excellence in Pest Management services to our customers,

Patriot Pest Management








Don & Sheri Facciolla
Environmental Specialists

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